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Updated: Nov 6, 2022

So here it is guys, the simplest, super budget friendly way of adding some neon into your home! These are some of my favourite little projects I’ve done so far in my house, and I think they look SICKKK!

If you follow my instagram @towngirlcountrygirl you’ll see I’ve put up two of these awesome wavy neon flex lights in my bedroom and in the kitchen

And each for under £35. WIN!

Pink wavy neon flex wall art DIY tutorial
Pink Neon Kitchen Flex DIY Wall Art @towngirlcountrygirl

Warm White Neon Bedroom Flex DIY
Warm White Neon Bedroom Flex Wall Art DIY @towngirlcountrygirl

SUPPLIES... You need for this project:

*SIDE NOTE FOR RENTERS: If you’re not able to hammer into your walls, something like wire Command Hooks could work well as an alternative option for fixing up the flex. You can get clear ones, but if you get plastic ones and they look ugly I’d suggest painting them the same colour as your wall so they blend in. You can head to your local DIY store and pick up a paint tester pot for a couple of quid. Command Hooks are widely available in a load of different styles so worth checking them out. It might not look quite as pretty but you will deffo need something sturdy to hold the flex into place (rather than using blu tack etc). The neon flex is pretty weighty and made of quite tough material. In my opinion though, a neon light held up with Command Hooks is better than no neon light at all, LOL AMIRITE?

Pink Neon Kitchen Flex Wall Art DIY @towngirlcountrygirl

Follow this Amazon link for the Pink & Warm White Flex I bought for £34 (scroll through for range of colours.) Or if you buy a different brand (there’s loads of options on Amazon) just make sure you check out what kind of plug it comes with. I’ve noticed some of them aren’t supplied with a plug at all which would be a massive pain in the ass to try and source the right power adaptor. The one I’ve linked above comes with a UK plug.


The process of putting the flex up in the wavy design is pretty simple. I didn’t have to pre-draw a pattern, I basically just created it as I went along.

First off I plugged the plug into the nearest socket. A, so I would know how much stretch on the cable there would be and B, to work out where I could start my design on the wall. I’ve got above-counter plugs in my kitchen so I didn’t need to worry about using an extension cord, but I did use an extension cord for the light in the bedroom (I started that one on the floor and the cable is hidden down in the corner).

Warm White Neon Bedroom Flex Wall Art DIY @towngirlcountrygirl

TIP: It’s always better to start fixing the flex up from the plug end, so you don’t run out of length when it comes to plugging it in ;)

In my kitchen I started the flex from below one of my wall mounted cupboards and hammered the first nail in to anchor it into place.

First anchoring nail at the beginning of the wavy design

The first couple of anchoring nails you put in are probably the hardest ones to do as the flex has a bit of a mind of its own. It’s made out of rubber so you may want to get a second person to hold that flailing rattle snake while you fix it up 😂

First Anchoring Nails Holding Flex Into Place

Then I basically just eyeballed the design and shaped the flex into the wavy patten as I went along. Hammering nails low and high along the wall, and hooking the flex over and under. I think it looks cool to make it quirky with some bigger and smaller waves, but if you’re feeling real meticulous you may want to use a ruler to get your curves even.

On some of the lower waves I hammered the nails in either side of the curve to hold it into shape, you can see below that it's so firm it just holds its own form within the two nails

Below is an example of hooking the flex over the top of the nails to hang the upper curves

And that’s it Pals! Super simple and really fun & effective. Hope that all makes sense, drop me a comment or a message if you need any more info or tips.

Please tag me or send me a DM/Pic on Instagram if you have a go @TOWNGIRLCOUNTRYGIRL I’d love to see your results!


Soph x

This post features Amazon affiliate links, where I earn a small commission from any sales made

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