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Little BTS of my messy real life kitchen. SUNS OUT BALLS OUT!

Hey My Babes,

GUYS, I'm so happy to have started this mad 'n crazy disco food art revolution. I am SO here for all the giant food out there on Tiktok, but adding my mirror tile spin on it has sparked so much joy in everyone! The response to my two pieces so far have been amazing, basically it's agreed WE'RE ALL HERE FOR IT and I couldn't be happier 🪩🪩🪩

I don't particularly class myself as an 'artist' professionally, I'm more of a part time crafter and full time good-timez gal 😝 I just loves adding crazy Sh!t to our little home here in South London. I set up my socials to share pretty/different home decor inspo with everyone, and I've kind of accidentally fallen into my disco food making era atm. I'm just really enjoying making the pieces and aesthetically, for me, they're 10/10.

I came up with the giant pizza slice idea one night a couple of months back in January '23. My 4 year old had woken up at stupid o'clock and I couldn't get back to sleep, *middle of the night seems to be when I come up with my best ideas. I remember telling my two best friends about it at the pub the next day, they were like 'Cool babe *wtf ' LOLZ! and I'm like 'naaaaa TRUST THE PROCESS PPL 😝'. I seem to just have a sense on how I'm going to make things, but mostly make it all up as I go along, that's my technique. My plans (mostly) work out, apart from that fkn PLASTER OF PARIS on the donut that $h!t was not my friend!

The disco pizza evolved to the disco donut, and yesterday I revealed my 3rd creation I'm currently working on, . I'm basically making my holy trinity of Soph food-groups, Pizza, Donuts & Chinese 🙌🏻 10/10.

*I know...I really need to paint over that filled ceiling

I'm just so glad you're all loving it! I've had so many lovely people ask me if I sell the pieces, which I don't (*at the moment, maybe one day). Selling art is not really a thing I've ever thought about doing, my Mum is a full time artist and I know how stressful it can be.

HOWEVER, do stay tuned for more info as I'm currently working on a little project to help the keen crafters out there who want to have a go at making some disco food themselves. YEAH BBY!





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