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TownGirlCountryGirl X InteriorReflections Youtube Video

Hello Hello!

So last month my new Insta pal Gia @the_girl_loves_london came over and we filmed the loveliest video for her Youtube Channel 'Interior Reflections'

Check out the video below! It's such a nice little watch (about 7 mins). Gia and I just have a chat about my interior style and inspos, and you get to have a good look around the house.

Interior Reflections is Gia's passion project on YT. She travels around London creating cool little snapshots of peoples homes and talks to their owners about design aesthetics etc.

I'm so glad she reached out as we had a really fun day, and we're going to be hitting up central london soon for a drrankk! So great to make new friends via instragram, I really love that about the interweb.


Soph x

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