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Shot by Cupid💘💡

Hey hey Gang!

Oh Lawd, it's nearly the end of JUNE and I've not posted anything here on ages. The reason being, I honestly just procrastinate too much about writing a blog post. I think I need to make sure everything is interesting and perfect, with really long posts that are informative with loads of pictures bla bla bla boom... Anyway fuck dat, MESSY ACTION is the way forward from now! Welcome to my mess. I'm just going to treat it way more low key now, with short little entries about goings ons.

(Messy action; literally my favourite phrase coined by Ellie Blakeney her Styling Social Podcast - deffo worth a listen if you're into influencing or entrepreneur chat).

All that being said I'm just quickly sharing this absolutely BEAUT new bulb I've bought from Amazon*. I love these shaped filament bulbs, the OG one I have is the 'Pizza' bulb in the Kitchen, still absolutely love it! I searched for a new one for ages as I wanted one that was kinda different for the dining room, I hadn't seen this one before, so this Cupid's Arrow was the one for me bby!

*My Affiliate Link

SO yeah, I've just put it up in the almost finished, newly decorated crazy dining area and I LOVE IT - SHE PRETTY!

I think my next post will be on the creation on how I painted this room of wonders - totally bonkers and a massive vibe!

BUY THE BULB HERE: 👇🏻 *Affiliate Link

Watch my lightbulb install reel on INSTAGRAM


Until next time!


Soph x

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