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Hello My Babes, and a very happy November !

It's Bday monthhh for meee (and Marco, and My Bestie) *Party Horn*

Bloody love November, the Scorpions are out and it's all about the cosy evenings, Fireworks, Bdays, the start of Xmas - all the good stuff!

So today here's a quick little post for ya on how I created my super pretty moon phase butterfly front door moment.

Keep on reading for links to the exact items I used.

I ordered the Butterfly Knocker for £30 from Etsy

The knocker was super easy to put up, you just need a screw driver (screws were included with the knocker).

Side note; I did drill some tiny pilot holes into the door first first, but you don't have to do this step if you're not a drill kinda person. It just made it a bit easier to get the screws into the wood.

Then I bought this Moon Phase Wall Hanging from £7.99 Amazon (affiliate link*)

Luckily this one came on little chains that were connected by tiny screw eyelets, so I just simply unscrewed each of the pieces and glued them up to the door either side of the Butterfly. The moon phase pieces are made out of wood, so I used

E6000 Glue (affiliate link*) to stick up, and I also used Washi Tape to hold them in place while the glue dried, as it didn't go off straight away.

Absolutely love the results! Such a pretty sight to come home to.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Soph x


Moon Phase Wall Hanging - Amazon (aff link*)

E6000 Glue - Amazon (aff link*)

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