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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Hello Lovelies,

As promised, below is a list (+ links) of all the thing's you're going to need to make your very own Disco Ball Mushrooms like these beauties...

Various sizes of disco ball mushrooms sitting on top of a radiator cover
TownGirlCountryGirl DIY Disco Ball Mushrooms

In my tutorial I make a small to medium sized mushroom (roughly 15cm w X 15cm h).

Obvs if you want larger or smaller shroom, just buy a smaller or larger polystyrene cone and ball, and work to the same method.


[Soz for the scavenger hunt vibes from lots of different sellers, you can obviously get all of this stuff on Amazon but Polystyrene cones seem to be ridiculously expensive on there for some wierd reason, so I shopped around for the best price to make them as cheaply as poss]

For a 15cm Disco Mushroom, here's what you need:

  • 15cm Diameter Polystyrene Ball - BUY IT HERE - Amazon (Affiliate Link)

  • 5x5mm Mirror Tiles - BUY THEM HERE - Amazon (Affiliate Link)

  • Polystyrene Cone - Measures: 15cm H x 6cm Diameter - BUY IT HERE - The Range

  • Adhesive Craft Vinyl: Holographic - Measures: 30.5cm x 1m - BUY IT HERE - The Works

  • Double sided tape - Measures 24mmx10m BUY IT HERE - Online pound store you'll also need these thing's that you will most likely have lying around at home

  • Dinner Plate

  • Mug

  • Small Sharp Scissors

  • Pencil/Pen

  • Bread Knife (or any serrated knife)

*Some of these links are for UK stores. I've included the measurements of everything incase you're not UK based and cant access the links.

Make sure you check my Insta/tiktok/Pinterest for the full tutorial

Happy Mushrooming!

Soph x

TownGirlCountryGirl DIY Disco Ball Mushrooms

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